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About Mediation Partners of New England

Firm principal Susanna Schweizer

Firm principal Susanna Schweizer (Susan) has over 30 years of experience in business management, problem solving, and conflict resolution across multiple industries including banking, insurance, information technology, academia and nonprofits. Her most recent corporate position was at JP Morgan Chase in their worldwide information technology division. Prior experience includes positions at Fleet Bank, Oxford Health Plan, Digital Equipment Corporation, the graduate faculty at Simmons College, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. 

Mediation Partners of New England is a conflict consulting practice with proven expertise in the following areas:

Susan is a member of Association for Conflict Resolution, the New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. She has earned the designation of Certified Practitioner by the Association of Professional Family Mediators. Additionally, she is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. As one of five siblings and a mother in a blended family, Susan understands that harmony in families and businesses is priceless.


Principals That Guide Our Work


a quiet but persistent curiosity about the situation with stillness as its background; the parties’ true beliefs and perceptions are uncovered.


an appreciation that seemingly unrelated circumstances are connected. Mediators do not judge or evaluate or propose solutions.


full attention to both the large and small details of the situation. Effective listening discerns not only what is said but also what is in the heart of the speaker.

Susan's Resume Includes:



Susan brings to her clients focused energy, a trustworthy presence and a unique ability to assist parties in analyzing the situation while collaborating on solutions that are not only feasible, but very often beneficial to each party. Much of her work is guided by John Paul Lederach’s writings on the “…Art and Soul of Building Peace.”

Mediation is a subtle yet organized approach to building a platform of respect and eventual trust that will in turn generate ideas and alternatives from which solutions may evolve. Our platform is constructed by identifying what is important to the parties and finding a way forward considering their respective needs.

Once the platform of mutual understanding of needs is developed, the mediator can encourage the parties to be “smart flexible,” that is to “adapt to respond to, create and take advantage of emerging… challenges” and turn them into a workable solution by which parties can go forward with a common understanding. Respect and mutual support are more likely to remain intact.

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