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Divorce & Post Divorce

Peacefully Starting a New Chapter

When couples decide to end their legal relationship, they can choose to work with a mediator who provides a respectful and non-adversarial process to resolve issues arising from the marriage dissolution. The process is often less costly than hiring attorneys, and working with a conflict resolution expert makes the transition and agreement formulation easier for the parties. Both parents and children benefit. Many couples learn new problem-solving skills that carry over into their in the newly defined relationship.

Mediation, unlike litigation, allows couples to make their own decisions and to reach fair and amicable separation and divorce agreements based on what is best for the couple as well as their family. During this often challenging time, we provide clients a mediation framework focused on solutions and mutual benefit rather than blame, and this can make all the difference.


Value And Benefits

The multiple benefits of using a mediator include better decisions around financial issues, child support, parental rights & responsibilities, and parent/child contact issues. Our specialized training in divorce and post-divorce issues facilitates both the divorcing couple and their children to move forward based on well thought out agreements.

You can anticipate many positive outcomes from using mediation services to sort out your issues during divorce and post-divorce.

  • You remain in control of the issues that affect your own life and that of your immediate family.

  • Conflict, tension and stress are reduced or removed from the situation.

  • The process can be efficient, saving everyone time and resources.

  • It is more collaborative and less costly than litigation.

  • It helps the couple work through emotions and feelings.

  • You negotiate your own settlement and learn techniques for resolving future differences.


Questions Regarding Divorce Mediation

When you contact Mediation Partners New England, we can explore how best to approach your partner/ex-partner. One option is for you to share our contact information and website with your partner/ex-partner and to encourage him/her to call your mediator. Another option is for you to send a letter introducing the mediator, after which MPNE will follow up with a phone call to your partner/ex-partner.
If you are able to agree on some, but not all issues, the things that you do agree on can be written up in a document for you to take to a lawyer for review. You can also use an attorney’s assistance or ask the Court to schedule a hearing to resolve remaining issues.

This varies, but parties generally split the hourly rate equally. Who will pay is discussed in your initial divorce mediation consultation.

The next step is to send a note of interest to Mediation Partners New England. CLICK HERE to complete contact information and someone will get back to you within two days. If you’d prefer, you can call at 617-799-8706 to speak to Susan directly.


Are you and another party struggling with a conflict? We offer 30 minutes of initial consultation free by telephone or video conference.

The initial consultation will provide an overview of my mediation services, approach and process. A brief description of the circumstances will be explored.