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Negotiation Consulting


Are you a company faced with a tough negotiation?

Perhaps you’re in the first majors negotiation of your life?

MPNE can…

Assist You With Needs Analysis

Provide Negotiation Stratagy

Teach Negotiation Tactics

Participate Or Lead Negotiation For You


Negotiation is a form of art based on analytics and psychology. We have over twenty years of experience negotiating everything from modest service agreements to multi-million dollar national contracts. Whether you need a strong silent partner or active negotiator to help you achieve your desired agreement, MPNE can assist you and your firm.

Value and Benifits


Have skilled and committed talent representing you at the table


Ensure thorough preparation and attention to all important details


Provide expert coaching to a staff with nascent negotiation skills


Ensure that process details are tracked and closed, and that the final contract is accurate and complete.


Perform background analysis or confirm that which has already been completed


And much more!



The desired outcome will be a contract that represents your needs. You can move forward more confidently knowing your interests are brought to bear and fully considered. You contract or agreement negotiation will:


Frequently Asked Questions About Negotiation

This is a critical question. You need to be comfortable with the person you hire and be sure he will represent your requirements, interests, priorities and ranges of acceptability. Creativity and initiative are important but you need to be kept informed. You should be looking for a person who understands that the best negotiation is one where each side benefits and can comfortably manage and succeed under the negotiated terms.

Yes, BUT what are you willing to give up for that last penny? MPNE will work with you to determine your negotiation goals, what you are willing to risk for those goals, and work to achieve them either as your representative at the table or as your support as you lead the negotiations.

“Expanding the pie” refers to thinking about the contract or opportunity so that each side benefits rather than one wins and the other loses. Think of it as working together to get a bigger pie so that each side gains more.

Briefly, think of distributional negotiation as when you and the other party have a fixed amount of resources, say money, people, land, time, etc. The more one party gets, the less there is for the other party. Integrative negotiation, on the other hand, occurs when two parties discuss the problem and look for creative ways for each to benefit. For example, two parties are both interested in renting a food truck for catering. They could bid against each other offering the owner higher rental fees than the other OR they could explore when they each need the truck and discover one wants it weeknights and the other wants it Saturday afternoon to Sunday at 5 pm. They each can rent the truck but at different times and they avoid the bidding war! By understanding each other’s interest (e.g., when they need the truck) they can look for creative ways to solve the problem.

The next step is to send a note of interest to Mediation Partners New England. CLICK HERE to complete contact information and someone will get back to you within two days. If you’d prefer, you can call at 617-799-8706 to speak to Susan directly.


Are you and another party struggling with a conflict? We offer 30 minutes of initial consultation free by telephone or video conference.

The initial consultation will provide an overview of my mediation services, approach and process. A brief description of the circumstances will be explored.