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Keep Serving and Avoid Controversy

Nonprofit organizations, including churches and charities experience disputes much like commercial enterprises, although the issues are usually different. When disputes occur within a nonprofit, controversy can erupt that results in negative publicity. Donors and supporters may become concerned and this can be harmful to an organization whose mission is to offer guidance and assistance to people in need, or trying to promote a social change
Mediation Partners of New England offers conflict resolution services for nonprofits as a specialty. These organizations may be publicly or privately sponsored, or faith based. Our experience includes serving on several nonprofit boards and we have worked with many not-for-profit organizations including faith communities as a mediator to help them resolve issues quietly and successfully.
Working with an experienced mediator who is sensitive to the robust and sometimes competing dynamics of non-profits can lead to creative exploration of a variety of goals and productive paths forward.

Key areas of Nonprofit Mediation

Working with a professional, mediation can perform any of the following tasks and more

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