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Have you finally had enough?

Is there a conflict causing undue stress in your life? Have you and your partner, team or family members reached the tipping point where you need help finding a resolution? It’s okay. Mediation Partners of New England (MPNE) will help you find the path to a peaceful, satisfying and mutually determined, positive path forward. First, know that being in conflict is common in most people’s lives. You and those you are struggling with are far from alone as disputes exist everywhere. When two or more parties feel they aren’t getting anywhere in their discussions and reach an impasse, professional mediation is often the best solution. It saves time, reduces legal costs and can rescue precious relationships.

Peace is Priceless

Mediation is a subtle yet organized approach to addressing conflict. It starts with building a platform from which mutually satisfying solutions may evolve. This platform evolves by jointly exploring important factors and desires and clarifying mis-understandings between those who have a stake in the conflict.
The mediation process is focused on discerning parties’ interests, which are often camouflaged behind assertions and unspoken needs as well as clouded by material demands. Once revealed, clarified and understood, parties can better understand and appreciate each other, and agree to collaborate on how to move forward on resolutions that in many cases benefit everyone involved. Even if a resolution is not achieved, each party more clearly understands the other’s perspective and reasoning.

Traditional and Virtual
Mediation Services

Clients have the option of meeting in person when it suits them or remotely using videoconferencing tools like ZOOM, Webex and Skype. Online meetings are becoming the norm for many and we are happy to accommodate our clients’ venue preferences whether digital or face to face in a safe setting. In person meetings can be held in our office, a workplace, or even in a family’s living room.

Free 30-minute Consultation

Are you and another party struggling with a conflict? We offer 30 minutes of initial consultation free by telephone or video conference.