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Mediation Partners of New England Mediation Services

Mediation Partners of New England offers decades of conflict resolution experience in such diverse settings as community meetings, non-profit boards, courts, corporate boardrooms, family living rooms and kitchen tables. Firm principal Susanna Schweizer has worked for over 30 years in various business, family and organizational settings including finance, insurance, technology, restaurants, family businesses and many nonprofits. These nonprofits include community foundations, higher education, art cooperatives and religious communities.


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Offering services according to your preference and comfort:

In person at my offices, locally near you, or virtually such as on Zoom. I can also accommodate mediation by email!


Key areas of focus include

Working with a Professional, Mediation can Preform Any Task and More

The most popular questions about Mediation

In order to prepare for the session, it is typical that the mediator discusses the situation with each party. This preparation work is usually done on the phone though in-person interviews may also take place.

Ensure that each of the parties explain the situation from their perspective;
Arrange logistics of the mediation including location and time;
Structure the mediation session so it is well organized, constructive, and supportive of each party.

The location of the mediation is decided by the participants and the mediator. It is best to have a comfortable location. It can occur at someone’s home, at a public place such as a reserved function room in a hotel, at a church meeting room, online, etc. Comfort is key.

The length of time depends upon the topics, the people, and the time available. Sometimes it takes as little as an hour while other times it extends across multiple sessions across several weeks. Other parties have planned for a focused day or weekend to explore issues, alternatives and how to go forward. The mediator will discuss options with you as the session is planned.

Many times the mediator will arrange for a second mediator to assist in the session. It is often helpful to have the second mediator help with noting information on flipcharts or tracking issues so nothing is missed. The cost for an additional mediator is addressed at the time parties discuss fees with the prime mediator.

The outcome of the mediation is up to the participants so by the end of the mediation resolution or how to go forward is typically identified.

The next step is to send a note of interest to Mediation Partners New England. CLICK HERE to complete contact information and someone will get back to you within two days. If you’d prefer, you can call at 617-799-8706 to speak to Susan directly.


Mediation Partners of New England

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155 Fleet Street

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Are you and another party struggling with a conflict? We offer 30 minutes of initial consultation free by telephone or video conference.

The initial consultation will provide an overview of my mediation services, approach and process. A brief description of the circumstances will be explored.